It’s great to be a black cat!


It’s great to be a black cat! Why? Because you are always fresh on good luck !

Of course good luck always helps someone when undergoing a project but, as we all know… Good Luck always shines to the best of us! This is why you need to hire a professional. And why not take a highly motivated one ?

In October 2013 I left Siemens, a company for which I dedicated all my passion and knowledge as a PR Manager in the first three and a half years and as the Head of Corporate Communications for another three. I believe that creativity cannot be tamed nor contained and when this happens the result will always be a catastrophic one.

If we do not change we do not grow said a famous woman and I concur with this great message. My change has brought me in the Freelance world now, and from what it feels like in these first months, I am loving it !!!!

Having in mind that I miss the action you will receive my 11 years of experience together with a innovative thinking and creative structure.

We at Dasanti Public Inceptions believe that Communication has to be handled by professionals, thus all our partners and sub-contractors are having their place in the Hall of Fame of the best services suppliers in Romania. Please find their credentials in our site section. We believe in transparency and WIN-WIN situations.

We are used to gain awards and international recognition. We enjoy our work more than we value the paycheck. We are not endorsing businesses or clients in which we do not believe. Ethics are of most importance for us!

This is why you need to give us a call. We will be happy to join your team or your agencies as external consultants. Should this be the case, any project you might be thinking of…